Mens sana in corpore sano

This phrase comes to us from the Roman poet Juvenal, it means –Healthy mind in a healthy body.

It’s in that spirit, in this section on diversions, which I hope to strike a balance to work life by adding a little bit of playfulness. Most of the discussion will be on hobby or other-than-work related topics to help proportion the balance.

Privacy is a growing concern for all of us. Yet there are some simple effective measures we can put in place to help stem the loss of data.

In my recent article recovering a modicum of your privacy, we take a look at the trade-offs, process and benefits of migrating from free public cloud providers to an on premise solution usingĀ OpenSource NextCloud.

Governance for home webcams

In an earlier post Who’s that watching, we discussed the ubiquity of webcams and Spy Cameras. But suppose you would like to bring some governance to your home automation webcams?

What kind of applications are out there to support your requirements and provide rich features like remote access and notification of motion events? Motion Eye OS is one application that may satisfy your requirements.

The lessons we learn from our failures

It’s all too easy focus on our successes, forgetting the hard road we traveled to get there. For me, successes come at the cost of many many other failed attempts. Case in point, i’m trying to learn how to Home Brew. I found a $15 kit on line that had everything you need to get started: a variety of hops, brewers yeast, malt extract, etc.

The kit will produce a gallon of beer (128oz), which is roughly (10) 12oz beers, or about a buck and a half per beer for a Craft Summer Ale, which seemed like a bargain… If, I can follow a simple recipe and have the patience to wait a month-and-a-half for it to go through all the factory production stages.

Coming soon, the trials and tribulations

Who’s that watching … ?

In a recent post I talk about the G007 Spy Camera. Cameras are all too pervasive in society, there seems to be no way getting around them. Perhaps it’s best to smile while you wonder if it’s Allen Funt watching you!

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